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Riverwood House is a Supportive Recovery Housing project for individuals experiencing unstable housing and are in recovery, and whose path to stability requires a substance-free and supportive environment. We are seeking to offer an innovative approach to filling this housing gap through a facility that allows for participants to grow towards full independent living and to access the necessary supports through on site staff and a network of partners.

Riverwood House will work with a variety of referral partners to identify and intake participants who are ready to continue their recovery within the supportive housing context. A stable and supportive housing context without restrictive timelines provide participants with an approach to recovery that is empowering, accountable, and resilient. The goal for each participant is to help them become stable tenants that can achieve long-term housing, sobriety, and a fulfilling lifestyle through a self-directed process with the necessary supportive resources.

With onsite staff, partner organizations, peer support, and collaboration with our neighbourhood resources, participants will find the support they need to continue their recovery, develop life skills, pursue education, and work towards readiness for a supported move to independent living. 


At the intake stage, we will work with each participant to create their own Personal Recovery Plan and to identify and provide the connection to the supports that they need to be successful. This will include ongoing access to a trauma-informed recovery program.

While Riverwood House will operate as a transitional housing complex, we will not require participants to exit after a pre-determined period of time before readiness is achieved. We recognize that the timeline for recovery and the need for ongoing support and housing will vary for each individual and will structure our program to encourage a natural movement from supportive housing to a healthy next step in their housing on a client-centred model.

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